Click to enlargeMossant "Reagan" Long Hair Wool Felt Homburg

Mossant Reagan Long Hair Wool Felt Homburg

Soft Crown - Deluxe Soft Long Hair Wool Felt

Mossant Jacquard Lining - 2" Bound Stingy Brim

Grosgrain Band with Mossant Pin - 4 1/2" Deep Crown

The Mossant Reagan Homburg is the real deal. It has an elegant profile, is soft to the touch, and the way it sits on your head just feels amazing.

If you want to stand out in a crowd, Mossant hats are the ticket. These are the most custom and unique hats you will find anywhere. Mossant has been making fine hats since 1833. Tony Merenda of Christys' joined Mossant as designer in 2015 and the result is a line of cutting edge headwear perfect for the most discerning hat aficionado.

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