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Head Same Remains the Change Volume iii

Head Same Remains the Change Volume iii Spend an hour the with Headchange DJ's as they set you straight with the Headchange perspective and then feed to you the best in Long Beach Music. Its got some appetizers, a main course, and some nice desert as well.

The third in the Head Same Remains the Change series by Long Beach California's Indy label Headchange Records.

This CD features the best songs by some of the strongests acts ever to come out of the LBC. It is a very entertaining compilation featuring lead in and outs from Headchange Radio - their internet station on Live 365. This is limited edition and usuaully sells out quick - pick one up while you can!!

Review from Headchange's Smack Chat by Malcolm Tent:
Finally got 'round to listnin to this thing:

Cover Art: Excellent, scary and beautiful at the same time, makes you stare at it like, what the fuh...?
Radio DJ-style format: Great idea, adds continuity & a communal vibe to these widely varied tunes

Best Songs:

1) Rebecca Lynn "Look Down" Real emotion here. The person who wrote this is awake, alive, undeluded and beautiful. Rudimentary production values fail to dull the sheen.

2) Bredrin Daddys "Magic 7" Typical contemporary shit but who cares? The song is catchy. I have no idea what the guy is rapping about but the tune makes you wanna shake your ass. Most pro-sounding recording of the lot.

3) The Year Zero "Timeless State Down" Breathy girl vocals make you want to lick the singer all over. Does this band ever play out? Cuz I'm going to lick this woman all over, pretty or not.

4) Long Beach Cake "Snake Oil" Art-rock airplane crash-lands in Arabian desert! Survivors plug amps into cockpit cigarette lighter and play music!

5 - 17) Grab all the other songs not listed here, throw them up into the air and let them fall randomly into positions 5 - 17.

Worst Song:

18) Lake Dolores "Crimson Blood" What the fuck is this nonsense? The idiot who wrote this song should be bitch-slapped and sent to bed without supper. Woman singers without talent fall back on sex appeal. Men fall back on bravado and/or criminal shock value. Is this supposed to be funny? Provocative? It's neither. It's just pathetic.

But hey, hats off to the tireless people at Headchange! Long Beach's longest-running, most consistent supporter and promoter of local rock. Viva Cambio Cabeza!