Shave - One Idea - mp3 single

track #6 from the cd - trans universal worldwide

headchange records, long beach

dave shea: guitar
steve cross: backup vocals, lead guitar
cornblasta: lead vocals
craig "the tiger" teigen: drums
fever: bass

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One Idea - lyrics

in every moment
there's another moment coming
so i, i always know it's alright
but if i sat around
and thought about it for a moment
i'd always get too uptight

the world's erupting
and the people are erupting baby
it's just our mirrored selves
so if i slip or fall or fuck up
or i get too loaded
well i could use your help

you've got to understand
i only made a plan
to be a helping hand
and try to do good
and not be blue
i got this one idea
i wanna make it real
we'll never sign no deal
that makes us blue
i feel green

lyrics by cornblum. music by $have

copyright 2004 destroy cake (ascap)

when oo-soul was recording their all brothers, different mothers cd at the compound, the drummer mike had about 10 opinions a minute on what to do to the song they were working on. after a while the band turned to him with an exasperated look. he starts acting all innocent and says "what?, i've got one idea". i thought that was pretty funny and told the story to cornblaster. the next thing you know shea is jamming this groovy guitar lick and corn starts singing "i got this one idea". it just fit perfect. we were lucky enough to get the tiger to play drums on this one, he and fever laid down one of the greasiest grooves $have has ever come up with. i played sg on this and the solo from the basic tracks was a keeper. - elder d