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Trans Universal Worldwide by $have

Shave's 2nd cd cuts loose in this heavy rocking follow up
to their 1st cd, the cult classic "Jesus Shaves."
In 2004 $HAVE of Long Beach released Trans Universal Worldwide
The CD went to #1 on college radio.
It was in the top 20 on dozens of stations.

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1. Icky Soda
2. Innocent By-Product Of The Media
3. Rival Bowler
4. New York, LA
5. Eight Ladies, Early 90's
6. One Idea
7. High Times
8. Mr. Politician
9. Headchange Records
10. Freeman St.
11. Handle The Messiah
12. Full Commercial Xxxmas
13. Rival Bowler - radio edit
14. One Idea - radio edit
15. High TImes - radio edit
16. New York, LA - radio edit

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Trans Universal Worldwide
New CD and mp3 release
by $have of Long Beach

Trans Universal Worldwide is a raucous ride on a spaceship of rock. Propelled from the launch by the life force of Icky Soda, the CD transports the listener through a musical galaxy. Taking them from New York to LA, and all the way to a mythical place called Freeman Street.

$have -- a product of Long Beach, has a sound to match the diversity of the subject matter that seems to abound this town of such dynamic extremes...

Feel the pain of a dejected sportsman in Rival Bowler.

Take a voyeuristic glance into the surreal world of Eight Ladies Early 90's...

Become Saint Nicholas and Handle The Messiah as you exploit the holidays in Full Commercial Xxxmas...

The Buddy Holly -like bounce of Mr. Politician is fun while the words express that promises can only be fulfilled from within...

This CD comes complete with a 8 page booklet of amazing artwork by Johnny Jones complete with all lyrics...

Cornblasta is a vocalist of exceptional talent, his infectious melodies and hilarious lyrics will have you singing out loud...

Dave Shea has a unique guitar style, the solos melodic and rocking, his rhythms smooth and furious. He is a monolith on stage and contributes greatly to $have's signature sound. Dave Shea holds in high regard the guitar work of punk superheroes The Descendents.

The searing guitar solos of Elder D invoke the power of Angus Young, fluidly melding and coloring the compositions.

$haves amazing drummer Heavy Doodie will get you amped like Stewart Copeland posessed by John Bonham...

With Fever on bass, the CD has Urge - ency without Overkill. He drives the songs and slathers grease all over the heavy groovin number One Idea.

"Trans Universal is the only CD I have been listening to lately" - Billy Blaze

5 out of 5 stars Shave drives a rock machine
Reviewer: Mark E. Waterbury
Shave - Trans Universal Worldwide Headchange - CD0027 Long Beach, CA's five piece rock act Shave drives a rock machine with brash vocals, jangly guitars and pounding rhythms. You have a retro vibe ala more aggressive Bowie, jolted with an electric punkiness nodding towards Social D. Sardonic vocals add a further dimension, particularly in songs like "Rival Bowler" and "Eight Ladies Early 90's." Raucous and refreshing rock with some killer guitar solos, too.