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Vuarnet V Bridge Aviator Sunglasses VL 1106 Skilynx

Vuarnet V Bridge Aviator Sunglasses VL 1106 Skilynx

Vuarnet Signature and Px Logo on Temples - Hand Made in France

Vuarnet Mineral Glass Lenses in Classic Skilynx Lenses - V Etched in Lens

Balck Frames / Skilynx Lens

Comes with Vuarnet Hard Case - 12 Month Warranty

Tortoise Frames / Skilynx Lens

Dimensions (mm):

Lens: Width = 57, Height = 43

Frame: Temple Width = 145, Temple Length = 130

Full Length = 149, Height = 51, Bridge = 19

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The legendary lens for the mountains since 1957


The Vuarnet mineral lens provides perfect optical quality with zero distortion and a high level of transparency. Its also very resistant to scratches, abrasion and heat while chemical tempering makes it very strong and shock resistant. Additional treatments such as anti-glare coating adhere extremely well to the surface so the lenses have a very long lifespan. The Vuarnet V is engraved on each lens to guarantee its authenticity.

CATEGORY 4 - cat 3 optical center

100% UV protection

Infrared filtration: 82%

Absorption of visible light: 92%


The yellow/green based lens accentuates contrasts, gives a better perception of objects in relief and enhances brightness for better all-round vision. This combination helps you make out obstacles more clearly and accurately It is similar to the brown base lens in this respect but with added intensity.


Its bi-shaded silver mirror eliminates glare and reflections to provide not only better protection but optimum comfort too. The upper part of the lens filters light from the sun while the lower part filters reflected light from the ground or snow without affecting the optical center of the lens. This is especially important in the mountains where the snow can reflect up to 90% of the suns UV radiation.


Anti-glare treatment : a special coating is applied to the inner face of the lens to eliminate irritating glare from reflected light.

Hydrophobic treatment : both sides of the lens are treated with a hydrophobic layer which repels water. So rain or sea spray literally slide off the surface making them easier to clean in everyday situations and helping ensure clear vision while doing watersports.

Oleophobic treatment : thanks to our oleophobic treatment, Vuarnet lenses repel dirt, grease and oily smears making it much easier to clean fingerprints and smudges.